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The Galerie Berès, facing the south west wing of the Louvre which stands across the river, was founded by Huguette Berès in 1951 and is now run by Anisabelle Berès, her daughter. Its twin focus has been, from Day One, on the graphic arts from the Far East and the avant-garde movements in 19th century France.
Major monographic shows of Japanese print making staged over the years include Utamaro, which travelled from Paris to London in 1980. The catalogue is widely held to be the reference book on the subject. Other exhibitions focused on Hiroshige, Hokusai and Sharaku. The latter, a historical event, included half of Sharaku’s known oeuvre and was internationally acclaimed. The Galerie Berès introduced the art of Ukiyo-e to a whole generation of West European and North American art lovers ...

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SOMM Henry
Au bal



Etude pour le portrait de Madame Gaujelin



Etudes de cavaliers



Les deux larrons : étude d’après Rubens



Le grand chêne



INGRES Jean Auguste Dominique
Portrait d’Etienne de Lacépède



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